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What to expect from GATE ECE 2017 which is conducted by IIT Roorkee?


As GATE 2017 is hardly 4-5 months away, every aspiring student across the country will have one question in the mind. “What to expect from GATE ECE 2017 which is conducted by IIT Roorkee?”

Even though GATE examination papers will be formed by a committee consisting of faculty from all over the India. After years of analyzing, one can say that some IIT’s are known for some branches and one can expect “Really good questions”(WE mean TOUGH) in that particular GATE paper than the other branch paper. Keeping that in mind one can predict the difficulty of GATE paper off the top of one’s head.

This year, GATE examination will be conducted by IIT Roorkee and here are some important dates which are already published.


IIT Roorkee is very famous for Civil Engineering so one can expect some interesting questions in that dept. However, we from a family of Electronics and communication can breath a sigh of relief for sometime. IIT Roorkee previously conducted the GATE examination in the year 2009. And if we analyze the difficulty of EC paper in the year 2009, it was relatively easy. So, we may expect a moderate ECE paper this year.

Any GATE paper will be formed in such a way that it will test student’s understanding of basic concepts, logic, numerical ability, aptitude and some questions will be twisted to test one’s deep understanding of the subject.
Emphasis on any of above aspects will purely depend on the committee formed during that academic year.

Though one cannot predict 100% that the GATE exam will be easy, moderate or difficult, some old school tricks will help you to excel.

– Solving previous examination questions of last 15 years.
– Concentrating on Important topics and studying based on mark distribution which will be put up on website(http://www.iitr.ac.in)

All the best for your GATE preparation



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