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GATE Communication system MCQ’s


1) The convergence of Fourier transform is

a) along jw axis in s-plane
b) on a rectangular strip in s-plane
c) along a circle in s-plane
d) on a circular strip in s-plane

2) Convolution of two voltage pulses of amplitude 2 Volt and width 2 sec is a

a) Rectangular pulse
b) square pulse
c) Trapezoidal
d) Triangular pulse

3) The FT of v(t) is e^{-j2w} for |w|<=1. The Energy dissipated by 1 \Omega resistor, if v(t) is applied to it is

a) 1/\pi
b) 2/\pi
c) e^{-j2}/\pi
d) e^{-2}

4) \delta(2t) equals

a)2 \delta(t)
b) 2 u(t)
c) \delta(t)
d) 0.5 \delta(t)

5) A box contains 12 balls numbered from 1 to 12. If a ball is taken at random, what is the probability of getting a ball with a number which is a multiple of either 2 or 3.


6) A box contains 2000 transistors of which 5 % are defective. A second box contains 500 transistors of which 40% are defective. Two other boxes contain 1000 transistors of which 10% are defective transistors. A single transistor is taken at random from one of the boxes.
i) What is the probability that selected transistor is defective?
ii) What is the probability that defective transistor is taken from box 2?


Post your answers in the comment section

1-a 2-d 4-d

6 – Use Baye’s theorem


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