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gateece was created as a ‘one stop solution’ for ECE(Electronics and communication engineering) students who are aspiring to crack GATE(Graduate Aptitude test in Engineering) by a team of professors who have vast experience in the field of education.

The main aim of the site is to impart quality education at a free of cost, thus providing an alternate route for those who cannot afford to pay the ever inflating tuition fees.

The site  provides video lectures, previously appeared GATE questions and solutions, notes and occasional quizzes to the students on a regular basis.

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  1. DEEPAK SINGH says:

    sir my name is deepak singh and i studied in b.tech 2nd year ,ece, and iwant to crack gate exam 2018.
    so please tell me the process that will manage my 2 years of time.


    • Admin says:

      Hi Deepak,
      You have ample amount of time to crack GATE 2018. I suggest you to study the recommended text books and understand the concepts. Most questions can be cracked by understanding the basics. Over the time , we will update the website. Keep visiting.


  2. NITISH RAMAN says:

    hello ,my name is nitish raman, i am very glad to see your effort, i am preparing for gate 2017 .can you please tell what should be the preparation strategy for analog electronics i.e. which topic one should start first , which books to follow or any video lectures etc.


    • Admin says:

      For Analog Electronics, you should study in this order –>Diodes, BJT characteristics, MOSFET, CMOS, Current mirror and different types of Amplifier(Cascade, Cascode etc) and OPAMPS(Know about all terms like input impedance, offset voltage, use of feedback in OPAMP) etc. Then you study oscillators and Barkhausen criteria. One question from oscillators is guaranteed every year. You can watch the video lectures by NPTEL if you have time or go through standard text books. Understand the concepts which is very important. We will be posting some videos regarding Analog electronics too.


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