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Important topics

Network/Circuit Analysis

Electronics means Circuit and analyzing a circuit is nothing but Circuit analysis. This is the most important subject in the field of Electrical/Electronics engineering. A student who doesn’t have a grip on this subject will not get good marks in any competitive exam. Even if  few questions related to network analysis appear in GATE, understanding the network analysis is must and should for anyone who calls themselves as a Electrical/Electronics Engineer. Without network analysis, one cannot study Analog Electronics, BJT’s , MOSFET, VLSI and Analog Communication.

Important topics

Part 1 : Basics

  • Understanding of KCL and  KVL
  • Mesh and nodal analysis
  • Understanding of Voltage source  and Current source
  • Thorough understanding of Thevenin’s theorem and various scenarios/techniques
  • Norton’s theorem
  • Maximum Power transform theorem(What is it and what’s the use ) . Will be helpful while studying Transmission lines

 Part 2 :

  • Understanding of Transient analysis and Steady state analysis
  • What is Time constant
  • Transient response of RC, RL and RLC circuits.
  • Problems related to this concept
  • Behaviour of Inductor and Capacitor
  • Understand the role of Capacitor and Inductor(Voltage source and current source)
  • Numericals
  • Solve a circuit problem using Laplace transform
  • AC power analysis

Tip: Most  competitive exams test your understanding of Equivalent resistance. Some of the common questions will be as listed below. Students aiming for top rank should know how to tackle these problems.

  • Resistor ladder
  • Resistor Cube
  • Op-Amp with resistor etc
  • Wheatstone bridge

Book Suggestion 

Network Analysis by Van Valkenburg

Engineering Circuit Analysis by William Hayt


Control Systems

There will be lot of 1 marks and 2 marks questions related to Control Systems in GATE ECE paper. Most of the questions will be easy.  A student aspiring to crack GATE ECE should know following topics in Control Systems. Understand the subject and revise once before the exam.

  • Block diagram manipulation
  • Signal flow graphs and Mason’s gain formula
  • Types of Feedback
  • Concept of stability and thorough understanding of Routh Stability criterion
  • Effects of Zeros and Poles
  • Steady state error constants for different TYPES of system(Type 0,1,2)
  • First order, second order systems
  • How to draw Root locus diagram and Bode plot
  • How to calculate gain margin and phase margin
  • Lead – Lag Compensators,
  • Different types of Compensators and their applications

Recommended Book for Control systems especially those who are aiming for GATE/IES is

Control Systems by Nagrath and Gopal


Transmission Lines and Electromagnetic Waves

Questions based on Transmission Lines,  Maxwell equations, Waveguides(TE, TM and TEM) and Plane waves are commonly asked in GATE – ECE examination. A student who puts extra effort in studying these subjects will excel in GATE-EC 2017 with flying colors.

Recommended Book for Transmission Lines and Electromagnetics is Electromagnetic Waves by R. Shevgaonkar . Here are the contents of the book.

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Transmission Lines
Chapter 3 Maxwell’s Equations
Chapter 4 Uniform Plane Wave
Chapter 5 Plane Waves at Media interface
Chapter 6 Waveguides
Chapter 7 Dielectric Waveguide
Chapter 8 Radiation
Chapter 9 Antenna Arrays
Chapter 10 Propagation of Radio Waves
Chapter 11 Applications of EM Waves

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